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Apple operates more than 500 retail stores across the globe.

Apple operates more than 500 retail stores in 22 countries. Under the direction of Deirdre O’Brien, Apple Stores are staffed by more than 70,000 team members and 3,000 Creative Pros. Here’s everything you need to know about Apple Retail including COVID-19 status, new store openings, and the latest news.

COVID-19: Changes to the Apple Store experience

Wondering about the status of your local Apple Store? Check out our COVID-19 Reopening Tracker, which includes a full map of open stores, health and safety procedures, and all the information you need to know before your visit.

Apple Stores: What makes them unique?

Beyond their award-winning architecture and landmark designs, Apple Stores are known for their focus on education and creativity. Over 250,000 free Today at Apple sessions were offered to the community each quarter prior to the pandemic. New stores are designed with a Video Wall and gathering area for Today at Apple known as the Forum. Older “classic” locations are being upgraded to accommodate the same experience.

Hours and locations: Where can I find details about my local Apple Store?

Apple’s website has a great tool for finding nearby locations and store hours; just type in your address or zip code to get started. You can learn more about the design and details of Apple Stores at The Apple Store Glossary.

Apple Store appointments: How can get I help?

If you’re having a problem with your device or want to shop with a knowledgeable Specialist, take the time to make an appointment before your Apple Store visit. If you need to make a Genius Bar appointment or contact Apple Support, visit Apple’s website. To schedule a shopping session, visit this link or open the Apple Store app.

The latest store openings and upgrades

Share your experience

If you attend a store opening, spot something interesting, or attend a great Today at Apple session, we’d love to see and share your photos.

Apple MixC Wenzhou opens Saturday with ‘reimagined’ Genius Bar counter and ‘newly designed’ Apple Watch avenue

Apple is set to open its 56th retail location in Greater China on Saturday with the addition of Apple MixC Wenzhou. The newest Apple Store includes some new design elements.

These include a “reimagined” Genius Bar counter for tech support and a dedicated space away from the main shopping area for experiencing the Apple Watch.

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Apple may launch new products in its retail stores right after the September 12 event

Apple American Dream Retail Stores

As you probably know, Apple will be holding a special press event on September 12. And although Apple never shares details about the event in advance, it’s almost certain that we’ll see the announcement of the iPhone 15 and Apple Watch Series 9, as well as some new accessories. And it seems that we may see some of these products available in retail stores right after the event.

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Apple Canada no longer offers interest-free financing for iPhone, Mac and iPad

Apple offers different financing options for customers buying new products, varying based on region. In Canada, you could finance a new iPhone, iPad, or Mac interest-free for up to 24 months. However, the company has quietly changed the financing terms offered in the country. From now on, all financing options have some interest rate.

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Apple will appeal court ruling that it illegally and coercively interrogated staff over unions

Apple World Trade Center

On Friday, Apple announced its plans to appeal against a judge’s ruling that the company violated labor rights by interrogating employees about pro-union sympathizers and restricting the circulation of union flyers. In response, Apple says it disagrees with the complaints and says that “open, honest, and direct” communication is part of the company’s collaborative culture.

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Check out the all-new Apple Tysons Corner – the first Apple Store reimagined [Gallery]

First Apple Store redesigned

All images via Michael Steeber

Apple officially opened the relocated and reimagined Tysons Corner store today after news surfaced about the effort at the beginning of May. Coinciding with the first Apple Store’s 22nd anniversary, the space introduces an all-new in-store experience with the Genius Bar returning, rethought Avenues, accessibility improvements, more sustainable materials, and more. Check out a close look thanks to Michael Steeber.

Apple has also published a press release with a gallery of its own images from today’s grand opening.

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After Apple Gangnam store opening, Samsung plans 6-story store to fight back

Samsung plan to counter Apple Gangnam

The Apple Gangnam store in Samsung’s home city opened just over a month ago, and a new report says that the Korean company has ambitious plans to fight back.

It is said to be planning to open Samsung Gangnam, a store spanning six floors, as part of an effort “to counter Apple’s expansion strategy in the country” …

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Employees at Apple’s first unionized retail store want tips from customers, 10% raise, and more

Apple store union | Apple Store at night

Apple has been facing disputes with its retail workers in the US since some stores decided to unionize. This time, a unionized Apple Store in Maryland has been demanding something rather unusual. In addition to higher pay and additional time off, which is expected, the employees want to be able to receive tips from customers.

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Apple hosting special classical ‘Candlelight concert’ at Tower Theatre store in LA

Following the launch of Apple Music Classical at the end of March, the company is set to hold a special concert this weekend at its beautiful Tower Theater store in LA. The performance by Candlelight concerts/Orchid Quartet will celebrate Apple Music Classical with an intimate experience including a range of iconic works.

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Another week, another Apple Store: Apple MixC Shenzhen

Apple MixC Shenzhen curved exterior

April is turning into quite a month for new Apple Stores. Last week saw the launch of two new stores in India, and this week sees the opening of another in China: Apple MixC Shenzhen.

This latest addition is a mall store, whose design is virtually identical to the Apple Saket store opened last week – with the Cupertino company seemingly adopting a new standard feature for its retail outlets …

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