Fully automated packaging solutions

Packsize has the most advanced, eco-friendly packaging automation in the industry.

The Automated Packaging E-book

This nine-chapter e-book will offer you everything you need to know on how to automate your entire packaging environment.

Your packaging environment is changing

Packsize On Demand Packaging® machines are equipped for use across a wide variety of industries and packaging environments. From stand alone packaging machinery to a fully integrated production line, Packsize automated packaging systems can be customized to any packaging environment, providing smart workflows, lower costs, and increased throughput.

Working alongside leading brands worldwide, Packsize has advanced its reputation for right-sized On Demand Packaging® technology in smart manufacturing, workflow integration, and protective designs. Through an efficient, made-to-order process flow designed by our system engineers, Packsize will expertly optimize order size, material requirements, and packaging throughput. Seamless technology transitions and software integration services, together with a proprietary full-service subscription model, maximize your entire workflow and packaging environment.

Machines that deliver packaging automation

Machines that deliver packaging automation

Packsize provides a wide range of automated packaging through box-making machines designed to create right-sized boxes, on demand, in seconds. Our Packsize packaging systems streamlines the packaging process, reduces the number of packing stations, and frees up valuable warehouse space. 

Packaging automation is a fully customizable solution 

Packsize On Demand Packaging® machine systems are equipped for use across a wide variety of industries and can be integrated into your existing production line or stand alone, depending on your unique packaging requirements. Our combination of precise technology, equipment, software, and services give you a pre-configured automated packaging system that can deliver the scalable performance and reliability needed for a highly efficient packaging environment across all industries, for all types of products, and with various throughput speeds.

Packaging automation screen
corrugated packaging software automation

Top software technologies make integration easy for your team 

Packsize PackNet® software integrates with existing warehouse management systems to automatically control packaging processes from beginning to end, facilitating streamlined workflows for optimal packaging lines.

Advanced products help complete your company’s packaging line

Packsize offers a wide range of packaging accessories such as carton sealers, dimensioning systems, printers, scanners, strapping machines, conveyors, and gluers to speed up processes in a lean packaging environment.

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Fast. Reliable. Smart.


Packsize’s broad range of advanced and automated packaging systems streamline operations with the speed to handle the most complex demands. Make, pack, scan, label, and ship the right-sized box in just 3.5 seconds. Achieve the highest automated packaging flexibility with the most comprehensive solutions available. 


Packsize incorporates industry-leading manufacturing and development to address complex packaging requirements. Whether your business produces large or small products in batches, or single- or multi-item orders, our technicians design streamlined packaging operations based on your unique environment.

Operational Cost Savings

Packsize’s On Demand Packaging automation is proven to speed up box production, cut down on corrugated and shipping expenses, optimize warehouse space, and reduce reliance on labor.

A world leader in sustainable supply chains

Right-sized packaging uses less corrugated which means minimizing the number of trees that enter the packaging process. Packsize automated packaging systems utilize recyclable, corrugated material, made from responsibly managed renewable resources. By reducing the need for void fill, right-sizing removes harmful and non-recyclable contaminants from landfills.

Our Packsize packaging experts can meet your sustainability goals by integrating eco-friendly practices into your supply chain operations.

The best option for your business

Backed by an international support organization of expert engineers and technicians, Packsize provides a full portfolio of automated packaging products and services for every unique packaging environment. Our wide range of custom box-making machines are designed to increase productivity while decreasing costs and your carbon footprint.

X Series

Offering smart packaging automation to fast-paced, high-volume fulfillment centers.

M Series

Combining speed and versatility to provide On Demand Packaging solutions across any industry.

iQ Series

Bringing lean On Demand Packaging systems to industries wanting to reduce waste.

Want to do a deep dive?

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