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Samsung follows in Apple’s footsteps and will bring satellite features to the Galaxy S24

Apple satellite features | iPhone | Galaxy

Apple last year introduced Emergency SOS via Satellite with the iPhone 14 lineup, allowing users to call emergency services for help in places where there’s no cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity. Since then, other smartphone makers have been working with Google to bring a similar feature to Android – and Samsung has just confirmed that it will be adding satellite-based capabilities to the Galaxy S24.

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Samsung’s bizarre new ad pressures Apple to support RCS: ‘We’re bubbles too’

iMessage RCS

Samsung is apparently joining Google’s ongoing “Get The Message” ad campaign calling on Apple to adopt RCS. In a new ad posted to YouTube this week, Samsung claims that “green bubbles and blue bubbles want to be together.”

RCS is the open messaging standard created by Google to replace SMS and offers a handful of iMessage-style features. Apple, however, isn’t keen on adopting the open standard.

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Apple’s environmental credentials way ahead of major rivals, but product cycle is biggest issue, says CNET

Apple's environmental credentials | Still from Mother Nature promo video

Apple’s environmental credentials were front and center in the iPhone 15 event thanks to a lengthy and somewhat cringeworthy skit (making an unfunny video with Octavia Spencer is kind of an achievement in itself, but I guess that’s what happens when you commission a sketch during a writers’ strike).

A new piece says that the company’s actions and commitments put it way ahead of major rivals, but the elephant in the room is the annual product cycle for iPhones …

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Apple could overtake Samsung to become global smartphone leader – TrendForce

Apple could overtake Samsung | Apple Store, Regret Street, London

Market intelligence company TrendForce has suggested an unlikely-sounding possibility: that Apple could overtake Samsung to become the global smartphone leader, following the upcoming launch of the iPhone 15.

Historically, Samsung’s position as the best-selling smartphone brand has seemed beyond challenging – at least, by Apple …

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Apple Studio Display vs Samsung ViewFinity S9: How the 5K monitors compare

Studio Display vs Samsung ViewFinity S9

Just over a year and a half since Apple launched its Studio Display, Samsung has released a direct competitor with its ViewFinity S9 5K monitor. With many of the same features as Studio Display plus some beyond, it’s an interesting alternative. Follow along for how Studio Display vs Samsung ViewFinity S9 stack up.

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Folding iPhone available today, using just two iPhones, some duct tape, and a Samsung app

Folding iPhone Samsung demo

If you’re waiting impatiently for the first folding iPhone, Samsung has you covered. In an attempt to sell iPhone owners on the benefits of a folding phone, the company has created a demo that lets you use two iPhones to experience a simulation of the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

The app lets you simulate both a single display stretched across two screens, and drag-and-drop multitasking between different apps on different screens (well, phones) …

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Foldable iPhone in 2025 would help segment hit $100M/year within two years

Foldable iPhone concept | Michal Dufka

While it was at one point predicted that Apple would launch the first foldable iPhone in 2023 – something that obviously isn’t going to happen – it’s clearly a question of “when” rather than “if.”

2025 has been suggested as another possible date, and a new market intelligence report echoes this, forecasting that Apple will help boost folding smartphone shipments to 100M by 2027 …

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Samsung continues to bet on the foldable market with the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5

Some might argue that smartphones have reached a peak level where year-on-year evolutions don’t seem so great. At the same time, some companies have been experimenting with different things – and Samsung is one of them. The South Korean company on Wednesday announced the new Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5, which show that it still believes in the foldable market.

Read on as we detail what’s new with these phones and what they mean for the whole market.

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Samsung challenging Apple in European smartphone market, but iPhone a tough target

Samsung challenging Apple | S21 Ultra 5G phone shown

The first quarter of the year saw Samsung challenging Apple in the European smartphone market, retaking the No. 1 slot from the iPhone maker.

A new market intelligence report says that Samsung is now trying to adopt Apple’s strategy of focusing on premium sales and the ecosystem. However, it says competing with the iPhone won’t be easy …

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Samsung unveils next-gen Smart Monitor M8 with iMac-like design, USB-C, AirPlay, webcam

Samsung has announced that its popular Smart Monitor M8 is getting an update for 2023. The latest version of the display will come in 32- and 27-inch options with an updated version of the super slim design we saw first arrive in 2022. Handy features like USB-C, AirPlay, and built-in webcam remain while new features include HDR 10+ support, portrait orientation, and more.

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Should Apple use any of the latest Samsung advanced display tech? [Poll]

Samsung advanced display tech | Rollable screen shown

The latest Samsung advanced display tech has been announced, all of which will be made available to consumer electronics clients like Apple. The Korean company’s significant lead in screen technology means that it is still Apple’s primary display supplier.

The new features include a rollable screen (above), and an embedded fingerprint reader which would allow you to unlock your device by touching literally anywhere on the screen …

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iPhone edges out Samsung in satisfaction survey; ties with soft drinks and shoes

iPhone 13

Along with looking at wireless carrier satisfaction, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) shared its latest data on how consumers feel about their smartphones. After seeing a slight increase year-over-year, Apple’s iPhone beat out Samsung to take the satisfaction crown. Interestingly, ASCI also included some other popular products showing that people were equally satisfied with iPhone as they were with soft drinks and athletic shoes.

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After Apple Gangnam store opening, Samsung plans 6-story store to fight back

Samsung plan to counter Apple Gangnam

The Apple Gangnam store in Samsung’s home city opened just over a month ago, and a new report says that the Korean company has ambitious plans to fight back.

It is said to be planning to open Samsung Gangnam, a store spanning six floors, as part of an effort “to counter Apple’s expansion strategy in the country” …

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iPhone 14 Pro versus Samsung S23 Ultra camera battle whets appetite for iPhone 15 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro versus Samsung S23 Ultra

An iPhone 14 Pro versus Samsung S23 Ultra camera battle concludes that there’s no clear winner, with the choice depending on the type of photos you want to take.

But given that it was a close-run thing mostly because of Samsung’s 10x telephoto lens versus Apple’s 3x one, it certainly suggests that the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max will be a clear winner …

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