Get ISTA certified, frustration-free packaging

Let Packsize help you get ISTA certified and protect your products with frustration free packaging.

Nobody wants damaged goods

Nothing puts a damper on your customers’ experience quite like receiving a damaged product. This unnecessarily causes extra hassle for your customer and increases your cost of goods sold. Package testing centers report that on average, a package is dropped 17 times during delivery. We believe you and your customers deserve frustration free packaging.


Average empty space in shipped boxes
source: Fast Company 4/20/18

Packsize can help you design protective packaging

Provide more product protection with less space

On average, a shipped box is 40-60% empty space. With Packsize’s On Demand Packaging® system, you can design right-sized boxes that protect your products from damage in transit. 

Uncover design flaws

Working alongside leading brands worldwide, Packsize has a reputation for innovative and protective box designs. Our testing is designed to strengthen your shipments while revealing any hazard your package may encounter through the supply chain—before they become a problem for your customer.

Adjust based on real-time results

The Packsize Package Design and Testing team can build and design custom conceptual packaging for any product. Packaging can be adjusted by performing package testing procedures, that reveal real-time results in a controlled environment, speeding up the process for isolating and correcting potential issues.

Get ISTA certified

Whether you need to pass ISTA tests or get a Frustration-Free Packaging certification from Amazon, Packsize can partner with and consult on the project.

ISTA certification is a win-win

Decrease material costs

Save money with more efficient packaging.

Reduce product damages

Our frustration free packaging is proven to better protect products.

Increase customer satisfaction

Ensure your products arrive safe and sound.

Packsize reduced material costs by 61%, the amount of foam used by 85%, and damages by 25%

A manufacturing customer was experiencing high damage rates for its larger, fragile goods. After analyzing the problem, Packsize recommended a full overhaul of their packaging. This involved replacing the old process that used messy and unsustainable foam, with a custom box and recycled foam corners.

Protect your product every step of the way with frustration free packaging.

Contact us about testing procedures for your company.