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Dimensional (DIM) weight charges are the costs associated with shipping boxes of a certain height, length, and width. Generally speaking, the more space a box takes up on a truck, the more it costs to ship it. Therefore, one of the simplest ways to minimize DIM weight charges is to reduce your box size. Our On-Demand Packaging® solutions lower your go-to-market costs by creating right-sized boxes specifically for the items you are shipping. By using the smallest possible box, you minimize the amount of corrugated packaging and filler material, eliminating unnecessary empty space from your packaging. This not only saves you money, but results in more eco-friendly packaging that can be easily recycled after use.

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Custom boxes save money and space

Packsize studies found that the average package contains about 40% wasted space. Right-sized Packaging on Demand® reduces or eliminates this extra space by creating the exact right-sized box for every order, every time. Not only does this cut down your box volume, but using an On Demand Packaging solution can also save you valuable warehouse space, reduce your environmental impact, cut down on labor costs, and eliminate the risk of product damage due to box size.

Packsize can make packaging 40% smaller, using 60% less void fill and 26% less corrugated cardboard.

Packsize DIM weight calculator

With major shipping companies charging for shipping parcels based on weight and size, it is more important than ever to calculate the dimensional weight of your package to know if you’ll be facing additional DIM charges. Our dimensional weight calculator helps you easily do this so you can see for yourself just how much money your business can save with right-size packaging solutions. Find out how On Demand Packaging can cut down on costs and transform your business.

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