Game Changer Sneak Peek –
Innovation with the X-Factor

Game Changer Sneak Peek –
Innovation with the

eCommerce is growing rapidly and with it the requirements for the order fulfillment, namely: efficiency targets, manpower management, waste reduction. We have addressed these issues in a virtual event series, shared our ideas and a truly innovative packaging process solution with you.
Thank you for having joint the sessions on 8th + 9th March. In case you missed them and you would like to talk about Automated & Sustainable Packaging Process Flows, get in touch with us!


Challenges resulting from the eCommerce boom

Demands logistic providers are facing, are growing with the increasing number of online orders: speed of delivery, throughput, efficiency, productivity and sustainability of processes need to be addressed and improved. At the same time, adequate labour force is hard to find.

Oversized boxes and too much plastic waste?

eCommerce customers are becoming increasingly critical when it comes to sustainable packaging. Unboxing experiences are often significantly compromised when customers have to dig through filling material to find their ordered products in the oversized box. On average, every shipping box is filled with 40% of air. We want to stop this waste of resources – together with you.

You missed the Game Changer Sneak Peek? Leave us your contact information and we will reach out to you.