RSence 2.2.4

Bug fixes, minor feature enhancements and optimizations.
Added by Juha-Jarmo Heinonen over 2 years ago


No known bugs. Bug fixes, performance optimization, number field cursor stepping. Recommended update for all users.

Changelog since 2.2.3

  • HNumericTextControl now steps number up/down with cursor keys up/down. Enabled by default, disable by setting the keyDown event listener to false.
  • Compound package original sizes are now set, which was the client build status report issue in 2.2.2/2.2.3
  • Possible concurrency issue fixed in sessionstorage (could throw an exception about access to an Hash being iterated in some circumstances).
  • HSystem and EventManager optimizations:
    • If the browser window is blurred, goes into slower throttled "idle" mode
      • Normal mode default is 10ms
      • Unfocused mode default is 300ms
    • Mouse movement calculator optimization added, also disabled when browser window is blurred.
  • Fixed status[keysDown] issue, where setting and un-setting the keys had reverse checks.
    • Also correctly clears the status, when the browser window is blurred.