RSence 2.2.3

Bug fixes
Added by Juha-Jarmo Heinonen over 2 years ago


No known bugs, fixed build and component bugs. Recommended update for all users.

Changelog since 2.2.2

  • Added compound package (package-package) support for client_pkgs.yaml files (as well as corresponding api calls to the client_pkg plugin).
  • Catches ExecJS errors in addition to just CoffeeScript errors (either kind could be thrown, if a CoffeeScript source file had issues).
  • Fixes build report bug present on some systems.
  • Added listItems option for list-handling components.
  • HView destructor doesn't try to delete subviews, if the views array is empty (which can be triggered by destructing a view multiple times in user code; a bug in itself).
  • Drag and drop should work as expected for all components even when the web page scroll position isn't in its home position.
  • Menu focusing bug fixed.
  • Improved HCalendar component, adds keyboard navigation and minor ui improvements.
  • Fixed a bug in handling the HVSlider track thumb orientation setting.
  • Fixed refreshOnBlur, refreshOnInput and refreshOnIdle mode handlers of text entry field components.