RSence 2.1.8

Maintenance update; various small improvements and contextMenu event handler.
Added by Juha-Jarmo Heinonen almost 4 years ago

Changes since 2.1.7:
  • Added contextMenu handling, can be used as any event. If a responder returns true, the event is not stopped (and as such, allows the browser's built-in context menu to be displayed for such controls).
  • Added specific contextMenu-related events and value updaters for HTextControl -derived classes.
  • Proper destructors for HListItems and hooks for classes that use them (HRadioButtonList, HMiniMenu and HCheckboxList).
  • Response body warning for non-string objects.
  • Request headers are case-insensitive.
  • Improved error handling and clean-up for serving client packages; also enables gzipped transfers on recent WebKit browsers (Safari, Chrome, etc..). Some older versions did not support this feature correctly for all content types.
  • The setStyles method of components (HView and its subclasses) now supports hashes in addition to arrays.
    • Styles can now be set like:
      instance.setStyles( { 'background-color': 'red', 'border': '1px solid black' } );
    • addition to the previous format of:
      instance.setStyles( [ [ 'background-color', 'red' ], [ 'border', '1px solid black' ] ] );
    • Also applies to usage in GUITrees, like the default yaml format, eg. the style attribute of the options block.