Packsize Global Modular Architecture

An engineering platform and packaging architecture that delivers ever-better, complete, and scalable packaging ecosystems.

Packsize Global Modular Architecture represents our commitment, partnership, and active engagement with customers across distribution and production marketplaces alike who are grappling with an ever-accelerating pace of change in their material handling operations and supply chains—for a greater opportunity to grow their business.


A common platform and architecture for rapid, modular development of On Demand Packaging® systems.

Core Strength

Expressed through improvements to basic performance of the core, raising efficiencies and operational outcomes across all systems.


The agility to quickly respond to a range of new packaging needs.


Responsible approaches that make consumers satisfied with their delivery experience.

Smart Approach

A transformation of the customer’s packaging environment and entire supply chain through the smart application of digitalisation, the IoT, and real-world technologies to deliver real economic value.

Experience Global Modular Architecture in your warehouse.