Everyone fits

Packsize accepts you for who you are.

What Diversity and Inclusion mean to us.

Our focus is to build a community where freedom of thought, self-expression, gender, age, ethnicity, belief, ability, and race are understood, embraced, and valued. A diverse team encourages disruption and innovation. Rigorous discussion and curiosity help us provide world-class technology solutions and services to our customers.

Inclusion at Packsize means we actively promote a culture that treats all individuals fairly and respectfully. Where all individuals have equal access to opportunities and resources, and actively participate in our mission of Smart Packaging for a Healthy Planet®, which benefits all people and rises above any perceived differences.

Our vision is for everyone to recognize that we are all people. We all share as human beings, our commonality. Everyone is welcome to work here—Everyone Fits.

Our goal is to increase female leadership and the ethnic and cultural diversity of our team across all Packsize locations.

Our commitment to meeting our diversity and inclusion vision and goals is to always interview qualified female and minority candidates for open positions.

“At Packsize, our goal is to have Diversity and Inclusion permeate every aspect of our business.  Everyone Fits is critical in driving transformation and creativity—from our culture to our innovative right-sized packaging solutions and services, and to the realization of Smart Packaging for a Healthy Planet.”

Hanko Kiessner — Packsize CEO

“We all need to see and recognize the humanity in others. Everyone deserves to be treated equally with dignity and respect. At Packsize, we strive for a culture of inclusion while building open and honest relationships at every opportunity, with a diverse team as an integral part of our collective inspiration.”

Laura Kiessner — Packsize Co-Founder

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